Norsk Hydro, which established Hydro Aluminum North America in January 2002 as a new business unit, announced the addition of three operating units and one service unit. Trading, Recycling and Commercial Services will provide energy, logistical and metal sourcing services to Hydro operations and hedging for its customers. Metal Products will manage all of the company's remelt operations including Henderson, Ky.; Monett, Mo.; St. Augustine, Fla.; Phoenix, Ariz.; and Ellenville, N.Y. A new remelt facility is under construction in Commerce, Tex. Extruded Products will be organized into five regions, four geographic regions and one product/service region. Professional Services will provide transaction-intense services in certain human resources, procurement, finance and accounting for the Hydro Aluminum North America sector and for North American plants in the Hydro Aluminum Automotive sector.