For more than 70 years, BNP Media has been providing pertinent, practical information related to the various industries served by its respective publications-information that can help you in your day-to-day work activities, and information that you want to keep. But, let's face it, few readers have the space to store all of this material, or the time to keep organized files for specific topics. And even when files exist, the time required to find a particular piece of information may require too much time. How many times have you remembered seeing an article, column, news item, etc. that might have contained the piece of information you are looking for, but don't have the time to search for it? Well, help is on the way.

Industrial Heating's parent company, BNP Media, proudly announces the launching of BNP Media LINX, a "robust," user-friendly online search engine powered by Google. This engine searches across the databases of all BNP Media publications-covering, in addition to the thermal processing industry, a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, security systems, architecture and construction, food and packaging, HVACR, industrial machinery and plumbing-to retrieve and deliver pertinent information that you want. Or you can choose to search only the publication of interest.

BNP Media is committed to providing new ways to deliver the most efficient means of accessing accurate, useful information. LINX is an all-encompassing tool that is designed to benefit industry professionals like you by providing you with immediate access to logged, organized and fully searchable past-issue archives including articles, news columns, product releases and more. Narrow your search results and pull timely information from a trusted source. Get what you need and get it fast to help you get the job done. Searchable content is posted daily.

You can access the search engine at www.industrialheating .com. Look for the BNP Media LINX logo and search with confidence to get results specific to your needs. Access LINX anytime, anywhere you have a connection. We're available online-all the time.

No matter where you are in the world, your trusted resource for industry information is only a click away. IH