Charles A. Hones Inc.

Metal melting furnaces are available in six standard sizes from 160 to 2,700 lb (~70 to 1,230 kg) lead capacity. All melters are rated for use up to 1000 F (540 C) and can be used to melt lead, tin, solder, babbitt, bismuth, pewter and related white and soft metals and their alloys. The furnaces are insulated with up to two inches of 1200 F (650 C) block insulation combined with a double wall steel jacket construction, which will melt down quickly using low household pressure natural gas or propane. Standard package includes a cast iron pilot, cast iron burner, thermopilot flame safeguard, 0 to 15-in. w/c gas pressure gauge, slow-opening combustion valve, digital temperature controls and heavy-duty cast iron pot.