RA 602 CA(r) alloy fabricated tubes, which replaced 0.250 in. (6 mm) wall cast Type HU heat-resistant alloy radiant tubes at a commercial heat treat shop recently surpassed 18 months service. These 11 gage, or 0.120-in. (3 mm) walled trident(r) radiant tubes continue operating in a Super Allcase(r) (registered trademark of Surface Combustion) furnace at temperatures of 1550 to 1650 F (845 to 900 C) and a carbon potential of 0.95 to 1.0. RA 602 CA alloy tubes offer many benefits over cast counterparts. Thinner walls improve heat transfer, reduce fuel consumption and allow quicker heat up of the furnace. The lower weight facilitates easy installation and removal. (www.rolledalloys.com)