Seco/Warwick Corp. (Meadville, Pa.) sold three 30,000 CFH exothermic atmosphere systems to a major aluminum producer in the U.S. to provide blanketing atmosphere for the production of aluminum sheet coils. Each system will consist of an Exogas(r) generator, refrigerant dryer, automated controls and atmosphere monitoring equipment. The atmosphere generators produce a low cost, medium-to-lean protective atmosphere from fuels such as coke oven, natural, propane and butane gases. The generator burns fuel gas and air under controlled conditions to provide an exothermic gas containing hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. The refrigerant dryers, used for reducing the dew point of an exothermic gas atmosphere, have the capacity to cool and dry the rated gas flow from 1050F (400C) to 400F (40C), based on 75F (24C) inlet cooling water temperature with 25F (14C) temperature rise.