Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC) has received a contract from D-J Engineering, a subsidiary of the D-J Group of Companies, for the purchase of a titanium-annealing furnace. D-J Engineering needed a furnace that could handle a thermal range of 700°-1350°F with only a ±8°F tolerance in uniformity. The furnace also needed to have the ability to control cool the parts from 1350°F down to 700°F. CEC proposed a roller-hearth titanium-annealing furnace that could be loaded from one end and hold to the required uniformity standards.

With the addition of the new furnace, D-J Engineering is now able to increase the number of projects that require titanium annealing, titanium stress relief, beta stabilization and titanium aging. The D-J Group of Companies, which has 250,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, specialize in machining, sheet metal, assembly, composite, extrusions, hot forming and engineering.