Blasch Precision Ceramics
The InVinCer™ lines of high-performance advanced silicon carbide products include reaction bonded (SiSiC) and recrystallized (RSiC) silicon carbide. The new reaction-bonded material offers excellent wear, chemical, oxidation, and thermal shock resistance, including high thermal conductivity to its maximum use temperature of 2516°F (1380°C). Available products include rollers, beams, posts, burner nozzles, pump components, crucibles, mechanical seals, micronizers, cyclones, and sand-blasting nozzles, in addition to others. The recrystallized silicon carbide is suitable for low-mass kiln furniture applications. It offers high strength, excellent thermal shock, oxidation, and abrasion resistance to its maximum use temperature of 2930°F (1610°C). Available products include thin-walled beams, posts, plates, special plate setters, burner nozzles, saggers, rollers, and specialized structural members. Custom-shaped parts are available in both
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