The company's new multichamber vacuum carburizing system provides expanded production capacity with Universal HPQ™ single and double chamber units. The system consists of a modular furnace that combines two or more processing chambers and one movable quenching module, which performs double duty as a transfer mechanism and quench chamber. The module is driven on tracks and uses a built-in telescopic load transfer mechanism. The quenching/transfer module is positioned in front of the storage table, where it picks up and transfers the load into an available processing chamber. Transfer of the load to the processing chamber is performed under vacuum, which allows the hot zone to remain at temperature at all times resulting in shorter heat-up cycle. When the carburizing cycle is finished, the load is moved back to the quenching/transfer module where it is quenched at pressures up to 20 bar. The combined benefits of high gas pressure, gas velocity and the cold chamber make it possible to quench challenging, commonly used steels, such as 5120, 8620 and 52100.
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