The TrendManager Pro V5 data analysis software package has been updated to include batch functionality, which allows users to organize and display data in a batch format with batch names and numbers, a batch description, user ID, lot numbers and batch comments, making batch analysis quick and easy. The software provides the ability to export continuous or batch data along with event data to single or multiple Excel spreadsheets. The new software uses batch language commands that can be included as part of the recorder data or inserted manually after the data has been imported to a PC to generate batch data at a later date. The enhanced package allows data from a wide variety of Honeywell data acquisition products to be imported into the TrendManager Pro and segmented into batch data. These products include paperless recorders such as eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend, Multitrend Plus, Circitrend and Teletrend, along with DPR180 and DPR250 strip chart recorders and the UMC800 and HC900 hybrid loop and logic controllers.
Info # 338